Core Missions


Mentoring is the cornerstone of what the organization brings to the community byguiding youth in life experiences, fostering a
positive self-perception and self-respect, encouraging excellence in education, and the
pursuit of positive lifelong goals.  The 100 is engaged in innovative mentoring programs that serve young people, who are nurtured by certified mentors and role models.
Since 2009, the 100 Black Men have been mentoring male students at Westlawn Middle School with group sessions during the school day.  Some students also participated in special Saturday morning mentoring sessions at Stillman College.
In 2013-2014, members of 100 Black Men of West Alabama work alongside members of The Collegiate 100 chapters from Stillman College and The University of Alabama to mentor more than 100 6th and 7th graders.  Special field trips have been sponsored to extend what¹s learned in the classroom at such sites as the Mercedes Benz Plant in Vance, Ala., Bryant-Denny Stadium on the UA campus and McWane Science Center in
Birmingham, Ala.


Education is the key to opportunity and success.  The 100’s work with education extends beyond youth in middle and high school.  The 100
Black Men of West Alabama, Inc. is the sponsoring organization for two chapters of “The Collegiate 100” on the campuses of The University of Alabama and Stillman College. Collegiate 100 members must perform well academically while also doing community service.

Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness is a vital component of a thriving community.  The purpose of the 100’s Health & Wellness program is to raise awareness levels concerning health issues, to promote preventative health strategies, deliver screenings and provide education on prevalent diseases that disproportionally affect African Americans.

Economic Empowerment

Economic Empowerment programs focus on three primary areas: financial literacy, family wealth-building, and
entrepreneurship.  Through comprehensive curriculums and training classes, these programs work to promote economic self-sufficiency.


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